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I, Kanwaljit Singh currently working as Senior DevOps Engineer in Basware Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh have completed my Bachelors in Cloud Computing from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun energetic for system administration in cloud-oriented field.

At extremely youthful age as a student in secondary school, PC (Computer) for me was just a method for entrainment as I thought that it was energizing to play games and producing different scientific arrangement and examples i.e basically intensive BASIC programming. I was puzzled to realize that this recreations are only projects. Inquisitive to know how to program I built up a genuine enthusiasm for Computers.

I have an awesome assurance. I buckle down and dependably get engaged to accomplish my objectives . My inspirational thinking and continually chipping away at new thoughts helps me to work through issues autonomously.

Language - English, Hindi, Punjabi

Date of Birth (DOB) - 17th December

Mobility - Ready to relocate anywhere in India and abroad.

Home Town - Sangrur, Punjab

Nationality - Indian

SOP - Statement of Purpose



"An enthusiastic cloud engineer eagerly awaiting opportunities to use my aptitude and insight in the field of cloud administration and my skills will increase the value of organizational operations."


Vasant Valley Public School (VVPS) / Class of 2013 - Sangrur
Jun 2012 - Jun 2013 || CGPA - 9.20

Matriculation - Semester Wise | Board - CBSE

Rishi Public Sr. Sec. School / Class of 2015 - Sangrur
Jun 2014 - Jun 2015 || Percentage - 92.20%

12th Higher Secondary - Science (Non Medical) | Board - PSEB

Coursework - Physics; Mathematics; Chemistry; Environmental Studies; Computer Science

University of Petroleum & Energy Studies / Class of 2019 - Dehradun
Jun 2015 - Jun 2019 || CGPA - 7.40

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science with Specialization in Cloud Computing & Virtualization Technology

Undergraduate Coursework: Cloud Performance Tuning; Operating Systems; Databases; Cloud Computing Architecture; Software Management; OOPs using Python; Computer System Architecture; Cloud Deployment Models; Web Technologies Using PHP

Cloud Computing & Virtualization Graduate - Badge / IBM, India

Description : The badge earner has an in depth knowledge of Virtualization techniques and Cloud computing concepts and can help the clients in the Data Centre Administration. The individual has a thorough understanding of the Cloud Reference Architecture of NIST, IBM, etc. and different Cloud Deployment Models like Private, Public and Hybrid along with delivery models like IAAS, PAAS and SAAS.

View : IBM - Acclaim

Certification : Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) / Verzeo, Bangalore

Description : The certification is laid on the topics of Cloud fundamentals under syllabus comprises of Azure’s MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) with an exam at the end.

View : Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Learning Certifications : Python / LinkedIn Learning, Lynda

Description : The certifications involves intermediate level of training in python language while implementing it’s basics in an object-oriented application and working on Django-based application.

View : Python Essential Training By Bill Weinman
View : Learning Django By Caleb Smith

Learning Certifications : Technologies / SoloLearn, Inc.

Description : The certifications involves beginner level of training in various technologies with real challenges & practice.

View : JavaScript Tutorial , Python 3 Tutorial, C Tutorial, HTML Fundamentals, SQL Fundamentals


ClickLabs Pvt. Ltd. / February 2019 – Present
Designation : DevOps Engineer / Location : Panchkula, India

Brief : Experienced DevOps Engineer with a showed history of working in the Information Technology and Services industry. Talented in Public Cloud, for example, AWS, Azure with DevOps & Orchestration Utilities like Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab, Terraform Incl. solid building in Linux with Shell/Python Scripting and working with Continuous Monitoring tools.

• Everyday utilization of AWS Services like EC2, S3, RDS, VPC, IAM, DynamoDB, Cloudwatch, Cloudformation and so forth.
• Utilized Terraform and Cloudformation to computerize the development of EC2 instances with necessities required for Nodejs and Angular Deployments.
• Making and overseeing profoundly accessible and secure infrastructures for ventures with a high RPM. Incorporates Private Subnetting, Load-adjusting, Auto- Scaling, Haproxy/nginx failover, Mongo Replica sets, RDS (MySQL master-slave) and some automated jobs to guarantee systems are refreshed.
• Experienced in Shell, YAML and Boto's Python scripting. Composed numerous scripts to automate day-to-day mundane tasks and concentrating on the space for in general improvement in Junglework's DevOps.
• Automated Angular and Nodejs Deployments using Jenkins and bash scripting. Used Spot-fleet instances for angular deployments and hence, saving a lot per instance.
• Utilizing Nagios, Sentry and NewRelic for monitoring & observing in excess of 250 servers. Investigating and offering help if there should be an occurrence of any mishappening on and off the workplace timings.
• Used to resolve floor inquiries by our developers on our ticketing system i.e. DB, CI/CD and DNS/SSl with linux based issues, in addition to interfacing with clients.
• Responsible for interaction with Clients for Cloud Solution Architecture & Deployment strategies with CI/CD Approach.

Research Paper / December 2017
Title : An Interoperable Approach Fund Exchange between Digital E-Wallets via Single Sign On
View : Conference Certificate

The paper discuss about a mobile-based platform for all the possible e-payment interfaces like UPI, e-Wallets and banking applications. The platform is to be based on a RESTful API, which will store and manage the user data. Deleting the data will be however, on the will of the user. The basic purpose of this paper is to serve the public with a unified platform so that all their transaction related work is done from a single platform instead of opening numerous applications for different purposes and registering of different platforms for different requirements.Furthermore, the paper talks about the fund exchange between different e-wallets of various suppliers which isn't conceivable at current yet it will make the client association with the framework more solid.

Survey Paper / November'18-Continued
Title : Peer to Peer (P2P) Backup Service Using Cloud Based Private Tracker System

The paper discusses about the backup system using private trackers in BitTorrent protocol where users can store their backup in an encrypted way to their highly available peer’s extra storage space with some constraints maintaining the seed-peer ratio balance and allows the large backups with redundancy at zero cost.

Internship / June-August 2018
Title : Real-Time Automobile Registration System (RARS)
Infosys Limited / Venue : Chandigarh

• Elevated Real Time Automobile Registration System using Python and SQL database.
• Iron Out remote database connectivity errors with portable executable.
• Ensured proper constraints to be followed while registering new vehicle, entering driver license details.
• Authentication of users from database by centralized login with admin credentials to control.

Internship / June-August 2018
Title : Latency Analyzer
Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF) / Venue : Ranchi

• Developed Responsive Portal GUI with latency graph using particles Js and PHP for backend.
• Provided Client-Side latency executable solution in Python with location map API.
• Frame out remote connectivity using virtual private server for worldwide websites.
• Ensured Network Constraints i.e. ASN, IPv4 etc. for fetching server information to the SQL database.

Internship / June-August 2018
Title : Azure MCSA/MTA Certification : Youtube
Verzeo / Venue : Bangalore

• Setup & evaluate the Azure’s Region to Region Vnet features.
• Deployed & evaluate the Azure’s Point to Site Vnet infrastructure.
• Deployed & Working on Microsoft’s Active Directory Services in Cloud.
• Deployed Azure’s Traffic Manager to Measure up it’s performance in peak hours.

Software / Desktop
Android Studio, Adobe Photoshop, VMware Workstation, BurpSuite, MS Office, Windows Movie Maker, Eclipse, StarUML, Emulators, PhpMyadmin - MYSQL, Notepad++, DC++, Handbrake, MobaXterm

Software / Web Applicaion/Services
VirtualMin, CPanel-WHM, WHMCS, Virtualizor, vBulletin, Invision Board, Wordpress, MyBB, Xenforo, Roundcube, Cloud9 IDE, WHM, CentOS Web Panel, Discord, Teamspeak, Flarum, Mandrill, Cloudflare, LDAP, JIRA, Sentry, Jenkins, Osticket, Ansible, PagerDuty, Nagios, SES/SNS, EKS, SSM, Gitlab, HAproxy, Nginx & Apache

I have great understanding of web application software's usage with server administration i.e both managed & unmanaged while good hand on real work area projects also.

Operating System / Various Distros
Windows (Version: XP/7/8/8.1/10), Linux - Distros : Ubuntu (V. 14/16/18),Elemetary OS, CentOS, Amazon AMI - RHEL Versions

Languages / Programming Skills
C, Python, PHP, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript (Beginner)

Frameworks / Technologies
Bootstrap 3, Django, Amazon AWS, Mirosoft Azure

I have great involvement in web development and in server-side administration with minor undertakings on low level languages too.


EC2/VPS Usage














WEB Development & Deployment Pipelines


Linux & Networking




Infra. Architect/Designer





Winner - 2nd Prize / December 2015
Technical Debate - UPES's CIT Conclave

Won a specialized verbal confrontation as CIT Conclave's occasion with specialized theme introduction i.e Employees get occupied in organization while utilizing informal community i.e preferred standpoint or burden for organization to offer access to web-based social networking to employess or not.

Agency Founder / November 2018
LegionNode - Reliable Digital Solutions

LegionNode is a digital agency that provides you with infinite choices in web hosting and digital web-based online services. Our services extends from low cost shared CPanel hosting to affordable hosting. We are committed in giving quality web hosting services at moderate rates. LegionNode Solutions also bargains in digital services like web design, logo design, web development, digital marketing, email marketing, android development and digital enhancement services such as SEO, traffic booster, website optimisation and so on.

Tech Deals Stack : Founder / November 2018
NetNeek - Insights of Technology
Playstore Application

NetNeek is an emerging network of most recent tech news with an attention on cloud platform, advancement controls in mix of tutorial guides, online business deals with offers, ethical hacking and also provides help in preparing public aptitude exams.

Founder / June 2016
UPES - Tech Community

UPES - Tech Community helps the students to find study materials for different engineering specialties like mechanical, civil, electrical, computer science and electronics etc and founded in 2016 with 500+ members base till today.The community is also sharing the year wise question papers of UPES, Dehradun and even comprised up with latest technology aspects, news, events, tutorials and various types of digital gadget reviews.

Technical Head / January 2018
Entrepreneurship Cell, UPES Dehradun

Entrepreneurship Cell, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, is a non- profit organization governed and run by 50 Working Committee Members who work together in co-ordination to redeem and realize entrepreneurial spirit of the students of UPES by channelizing their ideas and energy.

Deal Lieutenant - Promoted / April 2015
Desidime - India's Online Shopping Community

Advanced with a specific rank i.e Deal Lieutenant on Desidime Online Community for being a reputed part and for good commitment on the group with certify uncommon identification and with minimal expenditure.

Workshop Participation / October 2016-17
Linux Workshop 2k17
Cyber Security Workshop 2k16

Taken an interest in Linux and Cyber Security Workshops sorted out under UPES's CSI Student part have picked up a ton of things with an enthusiasm for this new themes of propelling innovation.

Runnerup - 3rd Position / December 2015
Technical Poster Presentation - UPES's CIT Conclave

We participated in poster presentation competition based on new technologies and we have presented the poster on peer to peer networking as base technology in competiiton.

Web Development Team – UPES IEEE (2018)

Industrial Participation – held at GURUKOOL, Bangalore (2018).

Donated Blood in Blood Bank held at UPES, Dehradun

Top Writer in UPES - Quora (2017)

Certificate of Innovative thinking - ClickLabs (2020)



DevOps - ClickLabs / Feb-March 2020
Spot Fleet Orchestration in AWS for Cost Savings - Flexible Usage

Automated the deployment of angular resource & time consuming builds using spot fleet low cost instances. Used Terraform with combination of BOTO3 for launching Spot fleet Instances and Jenkins for Deployment.

DevOps - ClickLabs / May-June 2020
HIPAA/PCI-DSS Compliance Architect & Offshore Client Cloud Migration (AWS-AWS)

Architect & Implement the Project's Infra. for HIPAA Compliance Usage and also done migration of Offshore Projects Infra. into Client's AWS with RDS, ElasticCache, MongoCLuser, ElasticCluster, HaProxy FailOver, ASG Instances in Private VPC with CI/CD & Continous Monitoring.

DevOps - ClickLabs / Oct-DEC 2019
Zero Downtime Deployment with Effective FailOver Strategies on AWS Hosted Multiple Projects

Used Boto, Shell and Jenkins CI/CD to achieve Zero Downtime Deployment with High Availability & Applied FailOver Strategies over RDS, Haproxy, Mongo with Lambda as Backup Solution for RPO.

DevOps - ClickLabs / DEC-JAN 2020
JIRA Cloud Migration - In Client JIRA Account

Designed and architect the solution for Jira Cloud Migration from ClickLabs to Client's Jira Account. Using the help of REST API'S with Python Automation migrated the data and sprints etc. with workarounds, as JIRA Cloud migration directly not possible.

DevOps - ClickLabs / August-March 2020
DevOps Tools Utilization Automation with Dedicated Designed Team Stack

Designed the Dedicated Stack for ClickLabs DevOps for KnowledgBase Shsring Usage in Private Usage & Implement the Automation over DevOps Tools such as Gitlab, Jenkins, LDAP, oSticket, Cloudflare etc. which are previously used as manual intervention for various task.

Major Project / January-May 2019
P2P – Cloud-Based Tracker Assisted Peer-to-Peer Content Exchange Allocated Network
Website : www.cloudtracker.tk Download : P2P - Detailed Report

• Python-based shared (P2P) content exchange allocated network utilizing cloud-based tracker for maintaining the record of files and connected peers in transferring the large data without investing in infrastructure.
• P2P distributed application which increases robustness by replicating data over multiple peers in-case of failures and provides resources including bandwidth, storage space, and computing power.
• An indexed search engine which provides available file statistics and peer availability statistics in real-time connectivity of computers.
• Graphical User Interface for registering the clients (peer) for backup identity management via LAMP Stack.
• Client-side executable present in both .exe and binary that sign up peer info. without any platform dependencies.
• Usage of Terraform for EC2 Orchestration & for Autoscaling feature.

Agency Founder | Developer / November 2018
LegionNode - Digital Reliable Solutions
Website : www.legionnode.com

• Developed & Founded the Hosting Business Technical Platform.
• Automate the billing platform using WHMCS and integrate it with Django based script.
• Provided the host solution at very cheap rate with OpenVZ Virtualization.
• Frame out the open community platform for digital support and digital solutions with clients at ease.
• Reductant KVM Virialized Fail2Ban Servers for Billing Platform with payment gateway integrations.

Major Project / Aug-December 2018
Vaticination – Heart Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning
Website : www.vaticination.ga Download : Vaticination - Detailed Report

• Validated Various Classifiers on Public Data-Set and founded the best training Accuracy Classifier.
•. Setup the Google Cloud for Jupyter Server computations via dynamic user inputs.
• Developed the GUI using LAMP stack with zone mapping for user symptoms and profile management.
• Developed the client-side executable in Python with remote connectivity to Google’s Database.

CLI / Server-Side
Mega.nz Cloud Linux Server Backup - Automation
Website : GitHub Repository

The Python3-based script takes the entire backup of debian-based linux server like ubuntu and transfers it to the user's mega free account by installing required dependencies for utilising mega-tools. Incase if user does not have mega.nz-cloud account then it creates the free mega 50GB cloud account for user and helps to upload/download their files directly using binary executable file with more functionalities.

InfoSys Intern Project / June-August 2018
Real-Time Automobile Registration System (RARS)
Website : www.rtovehicle.ooo

• Elevated Real Time Automobile Registration System using Python and SQL database.
• Iron Out remote database connectivity errors with portable executable.
• Ensured proper constraints to be followed while registering new vehicle, entering driver license details.
• Authentication of users from database by centralized login with admin credentials to control. .

CPF Intern Project / June-August 2018
Latency Analyzer
Website : www.latency.ooo

• Developed Responsive Portal GUI with latency graph using particles Js and PHP for backend.
• Provided Client-Side latency executable solution in Python with location map API.
• Frame out remote connectivity using virtual private server for worldwide websites.
• Ensured Network Constraints i.e. ASN, IPv4 etc. for fetching server information to the SQL database.

Founder | Developer / June 2016
UPES - Tech Community, Dehradun
Website : www.upestech.com

• Founded and Developed the University’s Social Community Platform with 500+ base members
• Uses Community forum technology made it helpful for newbies and other old students.
• Implemented on LAMP stack with virtualized node on KVM and DNS on Cloudflare.
• Social Sharing of Question Papers and other modes of study resources for various branches.

Founder/Developer / July 2017
NetNeek - Insights of Technology, Tech Blog Platform
Website : www.netneek.net Youtube : 1K+ Subscribers Channel
Android App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netneek.net&hl=en

• Developed & Founded Tech Channel with over 1.4k YouTube Followers presently in India.
• Developed the open-source social interactive Android App for digital deals discussion in Jan’19.
• Designed the Website with WordPress CMS and Zoho as Webmail Integration.
• Frame out the Tech Blog with Latest technology and deals with various WhatsApp channels.

Google Chrome Extension / October 2017
Simplex Search - Direct Download Everything
Reference : Extension Public URL

Motive : Simplex provides a very capable file indexing and search service allowing you to find a file among huge no. of files located under open directories of web servers.It only provide access to already available files in a same way Google do but in a more refined easily query search.The extension fundamentally adds advanced queries auto to your question and hunt the substance through open directories through Google Query Engine.Currently on statistics, it is used by 150+ active users.

Minor Project - 1, UPES / August-Dec 2017
INTERIM - Academics Docket for Monitoring Faculty Schedule
Language : C | Technology : Sockets

• Formulated project using C and file handling.
• Produced algorithm for manipulating HTML & XML data in C from university’s time-table portal.
• Implement Sockets for fetching the desired information from portal in interim server.

Minor Project - 2, UPES / Jnauary-May 2018
JABBER – Encrypted Client Chat Server Network
Language : C++ | Technology : Cryptography, SSL

• Constructed secure Chat Box using C++, TCP/IP and IOCP technology and multithreading.
• Implemented algorithm RSA and Diffie-Hellman key exchange on public jabber chat server.
• Implemented SHA and padding it with digital signature of the encrypted message.
• Setup the VPS with VitualMin as server panel with configured network ports.

Secure Protected Unique URL / June 2017
Unique Url for Web Application's Static Content - PHP Script
Reference : GitHUb Public URL

The script is fundamentally utilized for producing unique and irregular url with the end goal of securing site's primary static directory connect url while utilizing sql database for storing every unique key with components of permitted attempts and session for that connection.It can be utilized for ensuring both file downloads attempts and page going to visit in particular time.

Recharge Portal / March 2017
Work : Developed S.Cafe Boys Hostel's Auto Internet Recharge Portal
Reference : Portal Public URL

Developed S.Cafe's Internet Recharge Portal where students can easily initiate their recharge on-expire of their package, automatically without any manual intervention using any payment mode i.e integrated as PayUmoney in website with proper security inbuilt with sessions.On Completion of payment by student, a confirmation mail will be sent to respective ISP following hostel's staff.

Deal Lieutenant / March 2015
Desidime - India's Online Shopping Community
Work : Smileys Userscript - Google Chrome,Firefox & Opera

• Developed Smileys Userscript for Community’s Online Social interaction.
• The scripts lift off the limitation to smiley usage in posts and offer a huge variety of smileys.
• Frame out integration with Website’s Forum software with Imgur as hosting solution.
• Ensured smilies to get added in every post/topics/chats/pm.

Online Quiz - PHP / March 2017
Work : Developed & Designed local system based quiz for students in PHP
Reference : Public Quiz URL

Developed Sample Quiz using PHP as backend language and HTML, CSS as front-end technologies while hosted on VPS for simple test purposes in PHP & in other languages.

Manager / September 2015
Work : UPES WRHP Conference 2k16 - Developed Website & Paper Management System
Website : www.upes-wrhp.com

Under the Guidance of Mr. Gagan Anand, Physics Professor of COES,UPES had dealt with the working of WRHP - Water Resources and Hydro Power Conference 2k16 with online paper accommodation and different index administration.

Core Committee Member / January 2017
Work : Developed Android Application with all Features & Major Event Updates | Google Play

Entrepreneurship Cell, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, is a non- profit organization governed and run by 50 Working Committee Members who work together in co-ordination to redeem and realize entrepreneurial spirit of the students of UPES by channelizing their ideas and energy.

Technical Head, E-CELL / January 2018
Work : Developed & Designed official website with implementation of android application & user registrations platform | Google Play | Visit Website

Entrepreneurship Cell, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, is a non- profit organization governed and run by 50 Working Committee Members who work together in co-ordination to redeem and realize entrepreneurial spirit of the students of UPES by channelizing their ideas and energy.

Freelancer / January 2016
Work : S.Cafe Boys Hostel - Website With Android App Support | Visit Website | Google Play

Developed & Designed up an Online Hostel Portal with Online Payment Integration as PayUmoney Gateway for S.Cafe Boys Hostel.Currently, in 2017 updated the website with Android App Support and with integration of Booking System Application.

Freelancer / February 2017
Work : The Grind Cafe - Online Food Ordering WEB Application | Visit Website

Built up a Grind Cafe's Online Website for Online food Ordering from home for understudies amid night think about hours with android application.Using languages HTML, CSS for Front-end Development with backend as PHP & Javascript.

Newspaper Website / April 2017
Work : Developed Divyahimgiri's Newspaper Website in Hindi | Visit Website

The website is developed under the guidance of Mr. Vishal Kaushik, Assistant Professor (S.G) of SOCS,UPES.The website is basically developed on wordpress i.e CMS and utilizing the hindi format encoding for news visualization and having light pdf plugin installed for the purpose of browsing large news magazines in real-time.

Freelancer / December 2017
Work : HungryPoint - Pizza,Burgers & More | Visit Website

Developed & Designed a Online Website for Online Pizza Ordering for HungryPoint Chain of Pizza's in Punjab.Using languages HTML, CSS for Front-end Development with backend as PHP & Wordpress for client management system.

Server Administration / 2016-2018
Work : Managed & Unmanaged Configurations | VirtualMin

Configured my own Virtual Private Server based in Netherlands with gaining knowledge in lamp/lemp stack and established it's unique nameservers with mail system and isolated client hosting platform based on KVM virtualization.

Audio Encoder / 2015-2018
Work : P2P Networking - Torrent | EAC

I have encoded various measure of collections from CD'S, web sources i.e OST's utilizing EAC as principle grabber under different open p2p gatherings, for example, DDR, DUS, RP and so on. We have built up our own particular private trackers for deluge records comparative like open trackers in shared systems administration.

UPES IEEE - Web Application / 2018-Continued
Web Development With Server Config.| UPES IEEE

The project is currently under development, however in this project we're developing an UPES IEEE website with it's web app for research proposals work and mentor-student interaction etc.



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